A New Massacre in Sana’a and Hadhramaut: If You Can’t Beat’em, Kill’em!

The Messy Carnage of Tahrir Square 1

The Messy Carnage of Tahrir Square 1

Tahrir Square Carnage 3

Tahrir Square Carnage 3

Tahrir Massacre 4

Al-Qaeda and Friends (Al-Ahmars) are Said to be Behind This

Hadhramaut Massacre2

Hadhramaut Massacre

Hadhramaut Massacre

Hadhramaut Massacre

A wounded victim of the Tahrir Massacre

A wounded victim of the Tahrir Massacre



By:  Hassan Al-Haifi

A big explosion rocked the center Sana’a at Tahrir Square (Liberation Square) near the Head Office of the Yemen Bank for Reconstruction and Development with the death of at least 47 unarmed civilians, including children and the wounding of scores of others (77 at least).  The suicide bomber was targeting peaceful marchers protesting the appointment of Dr. Ahmed Awadh Bin Mubarak, which the protesters led by the Houthi Movement said was done without full agreement of the political factions party to the Peace and Partnership Agreement signed on September 21, 2014.  Moreover that the appointment was made only after consultation with the US Ambassador to Yemen U.S. Ambassador to Yemen Matthew H. Tueller angered the protesters led by the Houthis, who saw this as continued interference in Yemeni by the United States, which does not have any veto power over Yemeni Government decisions.

It is not farfetched to note that the recent attack (October 9) by a suicide bomber on peaceful marchers in Liberation Square, is a similar tragic use of excessive force by former political power centers in the Yemeni political scene, against their political opponents as these elements have strong connections to Al-Qaeda and other terrorist organizations operating in Yemen. These power centers include the removed General Ali Mohsin Al-Ahmar, the AL-Ahmar Sheikhs and extremist elements of the Islah Party, well known for their strong support and facilitation of these terrorist organizations. The latter power centers were recently deposed by a coup d’état organized by the Houthis and their supporters from many of the tribes of Yemen and Yemeni urban centers. The latter had organized a march against the recent decision by President Abdu-Rabbo Hadi to appoint the Director of his office to form a new Cabinet of technocrats. The suicide bomber blew himself up amidst the unarmed protesters.  The former deposed elements constituted the other side of the Saleh regime and were also known for relying on repressive and violent means to deal with their opponents.

On another note an a suicide attack by a car full of explosives on a checkpoint near Al-Mukalla, Hadhramaut Governorate in the South of the Republic of Yemen near the Arabian Sea said to be also carried out by Al-Qaeda elements or their partners (Ansar Al-Shari’a, etc).  The attack killed 20 Yemeni troops and wounded a number of others





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