Yemen Air Defense Scare Away UAE F-16s; After Missile Showering Saudi Arabia with 7 Ballistic Missiles

By Hassan Al-Haifi

Yemen’s Air Defense Force scared off 2 United Arab Emirates F-16s, which were hovering over the Cautal City of Sana’a earlier today after firing the new breed of anti aircraft missiles, recentky developed by ADF.  Last week an F15S was hit over Sa’ada after a ADF anti aircraft missile targeted the plane as it fkew over the Governorate.  Al-Masirah Ansar Allah Channel showed both the Sa’ada and Sana’a plane targetings.

On the Eve of the Third Anniversary of the beginning of the so-called Saudi-Led Coalition of Aggression on Yemen, Yemen’s Rocket Force launches at least seven ballistic missiles simultaniously on Saudi Arabian Airports and military installations

1)  Badr Missiles on Najran Airport and other targets in the sector.


images (2)

2) Qahir M missile on Abha Regional Airport in Asir

images (1)

3) Burkan 2H long range missile at King Khalid International Airport in Riyadh



images (3)

The Yemeni Rocket Force in Sana’a has been refining its stockpile of old missiles formerly purchased by the regime of Ali Abdullah Saleh in an effort to counterbalance the air superiority of the SLC, since all the old fighter planes of the Yemeni Air Force were destroyed at the start of the round the clock air raids carried out by the SLC.

The Yemeni Air Defense System was also rendered useless by the Hadi Regime apparently under instructions of Saudi Arabia with the collusion of General Ali Mohsin Al-Ahmar, a well known lackey of the Saufi regime and supporter of the Islah Party (Wahhabi).

Reuterd confirmed that a major explosion was heard around Midnight that evening.

The Patriot Abti Missile Defense proved hopeless in intercepting the missiles as social media (particularly Twitter) showed these missiles going jpup and coming down to the ground without hitting anything.

SLC Spokesman in Riyadh said sll “Houthi” missiles were intercepted, but experts confirmed that the PAC 2 Patriots are at best 8% effective at intercepting missiles and the videos shown in social media channels belied the SLC Spokesman’s assertions.

The serial missile attacks would be an embarassment for President Trump and the humiliated Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, who is in the US for a two weeks shopping trip for more armaments, especially with the Senate having voted down a Sen JRes 54 to end US involvement in the Yemen War waged by Saudi Arabia and dome 10 allies against the Houthis and their Yemeni allies who still contfol s third of the country and nearly 80% of the Population.  In the past missile launches have been singular and spaced apart, with thr Riyadh attacks and the one near Abu Dhabi indicating that Yemeni missiles have achieved long range capability over 1,200 km.




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